Hey there! First off, thank you for taking your precious time to see my work. For more content that I have created on Food and Photography, please visit my blog https://thatdeliciousdish.com

I'm Shradha Rawat, a Food Blogger, Recipe Developer and Food Photographer based in Berlin, Germany. I spent the first half of my 20's sitting in front of a computer working for a software development MNC as a programmer, daydreaming and fantasizing about doing something of my own, that would voice my creative aspirations. Living on my own, I really got into cooking and soon it turned into my passion. I loved the idea of cooking and experimenting with new ingredients and sharing the joy of cooking with people around me became my favourite thing to do.

Soon, what started as a repository of the recipes I love became a recipe sharing food blog ― That Delicious Dish. Photography presented itself as an exciting adventure and a vast affectionate landscape to be explored. I'm completely self-taught as a photographer and really enjoy learning something new every day. So, here I am, living my dream of creating something on my own now in the other half of my 20s and loving every bit of it.

I believe in taking clean, drool-worthy, tempting food pictures which not only tell a story but also capture the beautiful intricacies of our emotional connection to it. I love taking challenging projects ― combining your vision and my creativity ― to create something spectacular. I'm open to travelling for projects.

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